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Care & Maintenance

Once you become a client of The Fish Guy, you’ll no longer need to worry about maintenance of your aquarium. Because we’re a full-service provider we will provide you with the fish, the tank and all the supplies needed to keep things running smoothly.

Our services don’t stop there. Depending on the schedule agreed upon, we will also provide fish health checks, water quality checks and temperature checks. Our other maintenance services include scrubbing the inside of the aquarium glass and artificial objects, an outer aquarium clean, filling and checking the automatic feeder and filling the tank water. We also offer 24-hour emergency care.

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    Residential & Commercial

    The Fish Guy offers both residential and commercial aquarium services. No tank is too large or small for our team of aquatic experts. For our commercial clients, we can help you find a setup that will work for your business. We can help you decide if a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater one is the best choice for the aesthetics of your business. From there, you can leave it in our hands and just sit back and enjoy your new system.

    With our residential clients our services are like what we provide to our commercial clients, but on a smaller scale. Whether you have a five-gallon tank, or a 20,000 gallon one we can get everything set up in a way that works best for your home. The Fish Guy is also a full-service provider, which means if you’re a client you never have to worry about things again. We will provide supplies, any equipment you need, food, water conditioner, even the fish and the thank themselves. You’ll never have to go to a pet store again.

    Our Testimonials


    Rob M.

    "Neal is fantastic! Excellent customer (and fish) service!"

    Paul Campbell

    "Excellent servicing. Always willing to work to your schedule. Easy to get ahold of and answers any questions you may have!"