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Custom Aquascaping

Designing the right aquascape can be a challenge. You want it to be as natural a home as possible for any inhabitants you add to it, but you also want it to showcase all the elements of your tank. The Fish Guy’s years of experience means he can create living artwork for you to enjoy every time you look at your tank.

Having the right amount of decoration can make the difference when it comes to how your fish react. Many won’t show their best colours or behaviour when kept in bare tanks. The Fish Guy and his team can help create a personalized atmosphere for your fish so that they’re always shown at their best.

The Fish Guy will work with you to pick out the perfect decor for your custom tank. Decorative pieces and natural elements are artfully arranged to create the most beautiful and relaxing setting for both you and your fishy friends. Whatever look you’d like to create, we can help with. Your fish is our command.

Did you know that studies going back to the ‘80s have shown that owning fish can help reduce stress, which subsequently lowers blood pressure. Virtually any aquarium, large or small, will have a benefit.

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Rob M.

"Neal is fantastic! Excellent customer (and fish) service!"

Paul Campbell

"Excellent servicing. Always willing to work to your schedule. Easy to get ahold of and answers any questions you may have!"