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From set up and installation to moving and relocation, we’re here to help
Care & Maintenance Services

Fish may seem like an easy pet, but their care can sometimes be more complex than maybe you bargained for.

Setup & Installation Services

Instead of going down a Google rabbit hole of possible misinformation, bring in a professional to help you get started.

Retirement Home Aquariums

Having an aquarium can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being for anyone who’s able to sit back and enjoy their beauty.

Aquarium Move & Relocation

Remove some of the stress of moving by having The Fish Guy and his dedicated team help you relocate your tank.

Care & Maintenance

Creating your own aquatic ecosystem can be rewarding. It can also be frustrating if you’re struggling to stay on top of maintenance. The Fish Guy provides professional care and maintenance, matched with innovative and practical solutions, to meet all of your aquarium needs. Including cleaning your tank so you don’t have to.

The Fish Guy offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance services. This includes filter cleaning, testing the water levels, ensuring your fish are getting the right amount of light, performing fish health checks and more.

Sprung a leak? Filter stopped working? The Fish Guy also offers emergency assistance to his clients. We’re on hand to answer questions and help you maintain the healthiest tank you can. We use high-quality products to create sustainable aquariums that everyone can afford and enjoy. The Fish Guy also offers free, on-site consultations focusing on providing all clients with exceptional customer service.

Retirement Homes

Are you stressed? Do you suffer from insomnia or high blood pressure? Maybe you run a care facility or retirement home, or have family in one, who could benefit from a few minutes of serenity each day. The Fish Guy can provide and install a custom aquarium for your loved ones. We’ll take care of all the maintenance, including feedings and keeping fish supplied. All you have to do is set back and reap the health benefits.

Researchers have found that just having an aquarium in your home or work space can greatly reduce blood pressure and lower stress. Those lower even more when there are fish in the tank. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can see improved eating habits and less aggressive behaviour, pacing and yelling.

Even dental patients benefit from a fish tank. Many often require less pain medication after watching an aquarium while waiting in the lobby.  We are hypnotized by their peaceful and serene nature. This can create a calming effect for a few moments in our hectic lives. For example, have you ever been sitting impatiently and anxiously in a doctor’s overcrowded office or a hospital emergency room waiting area that had an aquarium in it? As you stared into this wonderful miniature water world before your eyes, did you become less agitated and anxious? You may have felt more willing to temporarily accept that things are just the way they are, rather than get more upset or worried.

Any size of tank will bring with it the benefits and peace of mind so there’s no need to worry about getting the biggest setup. By bringing in The Fish Guy we’re able to help you find the right tank solution for you. With The Fish Guy you know you’ll always get the dedicated care, professional expertise and customized service you expect every time.

Need Your Tank Cleaned or Serviced?

We offer free on-site consultations

Setup & Installation

Before you can begin beautifying your new tank, you’ll need to first get everything set up properly. This can be tricky with all tanks, and can be especially difficult if you have a saltwater tank. For example, a saltwater tank requires precision when it comes to preparing the salt ratio and a slight miscalculation could be catastrophic.

While Google can provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to setting up a new system, it can’t beat speaking to a professional.

With The Fish Guy you’ll have a chance to get answers to your questions, and maybe find out a few insights you weren’t expecting. The Fish Guy will also be able to help you plan what future fish you should add to the tank. He can tell you which ones are compatible and which ones should never share a space together. His team will turn your tank into a living work of art, while taking care of everything for you.

Why even take the chance when you have the option of bringing The Fish Guy into your home to help make sure everything’s perfect, prior to adding any live inhabitants.

Aquarium Move & Relocation

When relocating your aquarium you want to minimize the amount of stress caused to your fish. One way to help with that is to take as much water from your tank as reasonably possible. By doing so, and by doing slow water changes – 10 to 15% – it will allow them to slowly get used to the new water chemistry.

Another easier way to help keep your fishy friends as happy as possible is to have The Fish Guy come in and take care of everything for you. His team of staff members make sure there’s always someone there to help you, no matter what your aquatic needs are.

The Fish Guy has 15 years of experience, the right equipment and support available to make the transition between homes as smooth as possible.

A couple of the relocation services we offer include draining the system and disconnecting the filtration system and all accessory equipment. We’ll custom pack the tank, lid and stand and place the fish and other live inhabitants into oxygen-rich travel containers.

Custom Aquariums

Have you always dreamed of having a unique aquarium in your home or office? Don’t feel confined to the tanks found at a local pet store or online. The Fish Guy can custom build any size aquarium for any size space.

Your new piece of living art will also be created to fit your individual taste and décor, providing you with a one of a kind, stunning new addition to your home or office. We can design, build and maintain both beautiful and soothing freshwater aquariums or bright, tropical saltwater ones. The Fish Guy can also build aquariums to any shape if rectangular or square aren’t quite your style.

The Fish Guy prides himself on being able to give each client personal attention while meeting their aquatic needs. Every custom-built aquarium is made with the right techniques and materials to make sure it’s the showpiece to your home or office that you’ve been looking for.