Freedom! Trout release at Sibbald Flats

Over the past month The Fish Guy has been taking part in one of his favourite events of the year – the annual release of Rainbow Trout fry, hosted by the Bow River Habitat.

During the course of five months students and teachers with schools participating in the Fish in Schools (FinS) program, maintained and monitored the development of the trout from egg to fry in a classroom aquarium.

On June 4, students and teachers from the Career and Technology Centre set 58 fry loose after acclimating them to the water conditions.

The program is designed to teach the students about a fish’s life cycle, adaptations, aquatic habits and water quality. At the end of the program, participating schools release the fry at a provincially-approved water body.

Staff from the Bow Habitat Station and Alberta Fish and Wildlife were on hand to answer student questions about the trout and the program.